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Once reserved to finance experts, trading has evolved a lot with the development of the Internet. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a broker & knowledge. Fortunately, we got you covered on the last two things! Trading does involve risks so it is crucial to understand the strategies & tools to minimize those risks.


EZ Trading provides you with a selection of the best brokers online as well as giving you ressources & lessons to learn how to trade and get familiar with all the different markets from traditional stocks, commodities, forex to crypto currencies.


ripple coin XRP Airdrop Is Over, What’s Next? - Spark airdrop has finally arrived, so what's next for XRP's price? The free token giveaway or "airdrop" of Flare Network, a blockchain project that Ripple Labs Inc. has vested interested in, kicked off on Saturday. Holders of Ripple's native token XRP will receive an equivalent amount of Flare's Spark token shortly after. https://twitter.com/RippleXDev/status/1337558620419059712 This was a highly anticipated event for the third-largest crypto by market cap. And many speculate that…
bitcoin_on_mobile_phone Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, JPMorgan Says - It would've probably been contemptuous for a JPMorgan staff to cry up Bitcoin's value (BTC) in 2017 since its very CEO lambasted and labeled the top crypto a "fraud" back then -- but that would be old news. Bitcoin has already proven most investors who thought it was a fluke wrong. The king of cryptos improved its peak price to $19,918 not more than two weeks ago, shutting down all…