EZ Trading is an educational website created in July 2018 by two friends & entrepreneurs which aims to give you all the tools you need to trade safely & successfully. We do not provide personal financial advice nor guarantee results as trading always involves risks.

Risk management is a very important part of what we teach here on EZ Trading. Knowledge about financial markets, tools & indicators are key but that alone is not enough to make you a good trader. The psychology of trading is crucial as dealing with money involves the two strongest human emotions: greed & fear.

By providing as much information as possible about all the elements of trading, we sincerely hope to make you able to trade by yourself from the comfort of your home and help you achieve your financial goals.

Arnaud Krakowka

Arnaud Krakowka

Professional Musican, Producer, Entrepreneur & Investor

Arnaud has been involved in the music industry since almost two decades and is mainly known for his Drum Tracks, guitar playing and production skills. He owns his own studio from which he produces his music and collaborates with many artists from all around the world thanks to the Internet.

Arnaud is very interested in technology and business in general. He has owned several companies in different niches over the years and is always looking for the next smart investment.

He’s been involved in trading since 2014 first in the Forex market and more recently in crypto currencies.

Mikhaël Comet Vacher

Mikhaël Comet Vacher

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Investor & Coworking Manager

Mikhaël is an entrepreneur at heart. His last venture is the creation of a coworking space which is where he and Arnaud met. Their common passion for entrepreneurship and investment lead them to create this website.

Mikhaël invests in the real economy as well as in the financial markets and more recently in crypto currencies.

He believes that their appeal to more and more retail and institutional investors is not the result of hype but is due to a deep transformation of our society which will alter dramatically our habits the same way the introduction of computers and the Internet did.